A trip on Thanksgiving Day, US

A trip on Thanksgiving Day, US

“Pumpkin Spice and Everything nice”

Do you know where this saying comes from?

Well, the saying comes from the US’s beloved holiday celebration, Thanksgiving Day. This is the day when excitement is in every atom of the atmosphere. 


Everything is doubled like extra chairs, extra cooking, extra plates, extra wines. This all added efforts for a single day. Yes, because on this day friends and families reunite. The reunion is for giving thanks and eating and celebrating. 

There is excitement everywhere, there is a flavor diffuser on. Everything is closed while everyone sits back in a cozy environment and enjoys plentiful a meal, watches parades, gets drunk, and enjoys.

People brighten their homes with cornucopias, turkey’s seasonal napkins, plates, and autumn leaves.

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Guide to explore the USA at ease

Guide to explore the USA at ease

“Not merely a nation but a nation of nations.” — Lyndon.B.Jonhson

America. It is.

A country with the best of both worlds. Cities and islands, beaches and bridges, national parks and music festivals, New York and Vegas, and whatnot. And the cheerful-chatty people of the US (Americans). Is hard to not be friends with them.

America is a country that doesn’t need any foreword, such is its portrait, strong and diverse.

Who wouldn’t want to plan a trip here? Wouldn’t you like to explore the spirits of both urban and wild lives?

If you are planning a trip here, tie a knot on these few points.

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