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Best places to celebrate Halloween

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Know about Halloween...

Halloween is a festival celebrated on October 31 yearly, mostly in western countries. Historians consider that the tradition of Halloween originated with an ancient Celtic festival where people torched bonfires and wore outfits to ward off ghosts. The Halloween tradition continues till this day, with people in spooky outfits, giving each other trick-or-treat, engraving jack-o-lanterns, and generally entertaining in festive gatherings to ward off all evil.

  • The word “Halloween” is derived from All Hallows’ Eve which means “hallowed evening.”
  • The record of Halloween dates back to a historical festival called Samhain.
  • Centuries ago, people outfitted up as saints and went door-to-door. This was the origin of Halloween costumes and trick-or-treating.
Hong Kong halloween

1. Dublin and Derry, IRELAND

Ireland, also known as the “birthplace of halloween” is the best place to celebrate this day in the spookiest way. Various events such as halloween parties, parades, dressing-up, bonfires, haunted house tours, pumpkin carving contests, scary story telling events, etc. takes place on this day. Dublin and Derry hosts the biggest and the best halloween events in the world.

Ghost tours in Dublin

2. Scotland (Edinburg)

Scotland celebrates many traditions and events on this day in a Samhain way. The best city to celebrate halloween in Scotland is Edinburg as it is the most haunted city. You can do some unusual things in Edinburg.

Scotland halloween
Samhain Fire Festival in Edinburg

3. Transylvania, Romania

Transylvania, also known as the house of world’s most famous vampire ‘Count Dracula’ based on the character of Bran Stoker’s character is also a great place to celebrate Halloween in vampire style. Also, various events are hosted in Romania’s capital Bucharest.

Halloween Parties and Rituals in Transylvania

4. Salem, Masachusettes

This place is mostly famous for its witch hunts which took place in 17th-century. The events takes place in the city across the entire month. Celebration in this city starts with a massive parade and ends with fireworks display on Halloween night. Various carnival rides, halloween parties, paranormal tours takes place all across the month.

Salem Halloween
Salem Witch Museum in Salem

5. Disneyland, HongKong

It is the perfect place if you want to celebrate Halloween in a spooky yet fun way. This place hosts various events and parades to celebrate this festival and it’s a perfect destination for kids and Disney fans. So, it’s a must-visit destination for all those who really want to celebrate Halloween in a Disney style.

Disneyland Halloween
Pumpkin carved Disney character in Disneyland

6. New Orleans, Louisiana

It is one of the most haunted cities in United States America. New Orleans is a place which is full of scary stories and spooky locations. The city has some deep connections with occult activities which can still be witnessed in some of the local shops. Various parties and events takes place throughout the month.

New Orleans halloween
"Cities of the dead" cemetery tour in New Orleans


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