Activities To Do in Dubai

Dubai, the most popular city of The United Arab Emirates has everything a person wishes to see. From the Dubai desert to the water fountains it dares to attract one’s soul to its place. The number of amazing things this territory holds can end up confusing you after booking your plane tickets. So for your rescue, we sum up some activities that you should surely try when you arrive in the wealthiest city Dubai.

Visiting Asia’s tallest tower

Visiting the tallest tower of Asia, The Burj Khalifa, is the first thing you can do after your flights land in the city of gold. Dubai and there is nothing better than the view of the world from the tallest tower with the fastest elevators. The next thing you cannot miss out on is a tasty lunch at the top restaurant placed at the 122nd level of the building; while enjoying the breathtaking scenery at the same time. Walk on the glass floor and give your heart a jerk by stepping on the cracked glasses. Don’t panic, you will be safe. Even this landscape and lunch are not enough if you want to explore the place until you get your tickets for the luminous dancing fountain show lighting up in the evening on the burn

Visiting the Dubai desert

Dubai’s desert has so many things to offer once you arrive at the orange lands. The first of all is a camel ride and a visit to a  camel farm. Hot air balloons are often seen floating in the skies and hopping into one of them will never go worthless. But the beauty of the place doubles during the night under the star-filled sky, night camps are an amazing option to enjoy a night in the desert.

Visiting Dubai Mall

Reserving a single day to explore the largest mall is not enough. As the place is known for eating up your hours and still not leaving you fully satisfied. Shopping in the mall is the last thing you can do. And, traversing around the food courts, aquarium, dino mall and the VR park tops the list. Being the largest mall it’s indeed difficult to get all the essence of the mall and if ever you get a chance to inspect the whole building. Having a chance to visit the Underwater zoo is a whole next level of experience. Don’t forget to publish a book, writing all your experiences. 

Dubai Mall

Tour to the greatest masjids

Dubai has some of the greatest masjids to meet the religious sentiments of its residents and tourists. Some of the must-visit mosques include Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Grand Mosque of Dubai, Jumeirah Mosque, Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque And Center Mosque, Al Noor Mosque and King Faisal Mosque

With all the facilities and entertainment it provides the prices are quite high when you explore Dubai. So, it’s advisable to do some research about the ongoing flight deals to get cheap flights to cut off the expense of traveling into the city. But all your costs will be worth it at the end of the trip. So which one of the activities did you like to do the most in Dubai from your list? And where will you visit first? 

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