Guide to explore the USA at ease

Guide to explore the USA at ease

“Not merely a nation but a nation of nations.” — Lyndon.B.Jonhson

America. It is.

A country with the best of both worlds. Cities and islands, beaches and bridges, national parks and music festivals, New York and Vegas, and whatnot. And the cheerful-chatty people of the US (Americans). Is hard to not be friends with them.

America is a country that doesn’t need any foreword, such is its portrait, strong and diverse.

Who wouldn’t want to plan a trip here? Wouldn’t you like to explore the spirits of both urban and wild lives?

If you are planning a trip here, tie a knot on these few points. 

1. The Tipping culture

America promotes a tipping culture like no other country. If you are visiting any restaurant or bar or taking a taxi, you should leave a tip. If you don’t, then you are considered rude. Since the wages are minimum, hence a 15 to 20 % tip will be good.

The Tipping culture
The Tipping culture

2. Know the requirements

It is important to understand the requirements for entering the country. The Visa Waiver Program (VWP) permits a few countries to enter the US for tourism without a visa for up to 90 days. Check if you are lucky. If so, you apply for authorization before your traveling through Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA).

Know the requirements

3. America is expensive

While shopping or staying in America, one thing to never flush out is, America is costly. This is because the goods and services do not include the sales tax. So next time when you are on a billing counter, don’t panic if you see the digits changing all of the sudden. It’s the excluded tax.

America is expensive
America is expensive

4. Hold a travel insurance

You see how expensive America can be. You don’t want to add on the charges, do you? The country’s health services are expensive too. So in case to not lose all your money here, make sure you have a printed copy of your travel insurance.

5. Carry Passport and copies

While travelling in other countries, it is always advisable to carry your passport everywhere you go. It is always possible that you might be asked for ID proof, so keep your passport with you.

6. You may use public transport

While most of the cities’ public transportation is doomed. There are a few decent options for long transportation. Amtrak and Bolt Bus are the best two options for affordable travelling.

7. There are Uber and Lyft’ everywhere

If you don’t want to rely on public transportation, you can book a ride on Uber or Lyft by downloading their applications. Ubers tend to have fine cars and also provide snacks and water. And if you need something cheaper, Lyft’ is for you.

8. Explore islands and national parks

“America is great because it has much diversity in geographies as it does in people,” says Aurora Raigne. True it is. The US is more than Vegas. Its heterogeneous geography makes it the best place to visit. It has Hawaii islands and also has lush forests and elevated mountains and deep valleys. Visit Mammoth Cave National Park, Death Valley, California or the Yellow Stone National Park, and many more.

9. Buy tickets for places in prior

Where ever you go, whichever place you wish to explore in the USA, you should first have a little research about the entry fee and bookings for it. Few spots require prior bookings, so before travelling make sure you have made your place in the list of visitors.

10. Get your hands on a guidebook or a map

You don’t want to be lost, do you? We advise you to purchase a guidebook or map of the country so you know where you are wandering.

11. Carry some local cash

You may have carried your credit card with you. But it is always appropriate to keep a few local currencies with you.

12. The country has everything “big”

The country is approx. 3.8 million square miles with a population of over 327 million. Plus the food of the country is truly delicious and amazing and gain. It has giant cinnamon rolls, extra-large pizza loaded with extra cheese. Everything is just extra big, giant.

13. Driving aspect

A few driving pieces of stuff need to be taken care of while driving in the USA. You must at least 25 years to rent and drive a car in the USA. Also, the metric system may drive you nuts. And we shall never forget that when most of the countries drive on left, America has drivers in right. All this can be a fuss, hence opted for Uber or Lyft.

So pack your bags and jump into your shoes and explore the nation of nations!

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