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New York is the most ethnically diverse, commercially driven, famously congested, and, religiously varied. For many, the most attractive urban center in the USA. Get best cheap flights to New York on CheapairticketUSA.

United States
New York
Languages Spoken
Currency used
United States Dollar (USD)
Area (km2)
783.8 km²
Popular Travel Places

American Museum of Natural History, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, Central Park Zoo, Chrysler Building, Coney Island, Empire State Building, Metropolitan Museum of Art, National 9/11 Memorial and Museum, Rockefeller Center, Statue of Liberty, Time Square

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New York City

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List of the Major Airports in New York

CityAirport CodeAirport Name
AlbanyALBAlbany International Airport
BuffaloBUFBuffalo Niagara International Airport
New YorkJFKJohn F. Kennedy International Airport
New YorkLGALaGuardia Airport
New York / IslipISPLong Island MacArthur Airport
NewburghSWFNew York Stewart International Airport
RochesterROCFrederick Douglass/Greater Rochester International Airport
SyracuseSYRSyracuse Hancock International Airport
White PlainsHPNWestchester County Airport

About New York City

The most well-known metropolis in the United States and one of the most populated cities worldwide is the New York metropolis. Additionally, it is the second-largest city in the country. Commerce, health care and the life sciences, research, technology, education, politics, tourism, dining, art, fashion, and sports are some of the industries that are significantly impacted by New York City’s cultural, financial, entertainment, and media powerhouse. Due to the presence of the United Nations headquarters there, it is the most significant global hub for international diplomacy. Best places to visit in New York.

One of the greatest natural harbors in the world, which reaches the Atlantic Ocean, is in New York. Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, The Bronx, and Staten Island are its five boroughs.

World-famous structures, locations, and attractions may be found across New York. The fact that this city offers services around-the-clock, every day of the week, has earned it the nickname “The City That Never Sleeps.” The New York City Subway is the biggest rapid transit system in the world run by a single operator, with 472 passenger train stations. The busiest transport hub in the Western Hemisphere is in Midtown Manhattan and is called Penn Station. The Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village, which is a part of the Stonewall National Monument, is regarded as the historical center of LGBTQ+ culture and the birthplace of the contemporary gay rights movement. New York City, which has many art galleries and auction houses, is where most international art auctions are held. The Met Gala haute couture is held in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is also the largest and busiest place for the display of craftsmanship in the US.

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Top New York Destinations

Some of the most amazing and stunning locations and monuments are centred in New York. Here are several examples:

Central Park -The fifth-largest park in New York City is Central Park. With almost 42 million people a year, it is also the most visited and most frequently filmed place in the entire globe. Sheep Meadow, Central Park Zoo, Ramble and Lake, and other attractions are some of the park’s key draws. Sports activities include riding carriage horses and bicycles, using sports facilities, and attending performances like Shakespeare in the Park.

Empire State Building It is one of the highest structures in the world and is situated in Midtown Manhattan. The building is a well-liked tourist attraction because of its height, Art Deco design, and viewing decks. The building’s observatories on the 86th and 102nd floors are visited by about 4,000,000 tourists each year; in 2019, a third indoor observatory on the 80th level opened. With more than 250 films and television shows, the Empire State Building has become a social and cultural icon for the entire world.

Statue of Liberty– Situated on Liberty Island in New York Harbour, the Statue of Liberty is a huge neoclassical sculpture. France gave the United States this copper statue in honor of its 100th anniversary of independence. The statue features Libertas, the Roman goddess of liberty. With her right hand, she wields a torch above her head and tabula ansata bearing the date of the American Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776, in Roman numerals.

Brooklyn BridgeOne of the longest suspension bridges in the world, this hybrid structure connects Manhattan and Brooklyn. Visitors flock here to take in the beauty of New York, particularly the stunning skyline after dusk.

Times Square- Located in Midtown Manhattan, Times Square is a key site for business, an entertainment hub, and a popular tourist attraction. The recognizable stores, bakeries, and coffee shops in this area are well-known. This location hosts the well-known New Year’s Eve Ball Drop Event and has been shown in several television commercials and motion pictures.

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About the Local Food in New York

Many foods from many ethnic groups that reached the United States through New York City are included in the city’s cuisine. In New York, almost every ethnic cuisine is well-represented, both inside and outside of the city’s numerous ethnic neighborhoods.

World-renowned Michelin restaurants serving cuisine from all around the world may be found in New York. Here, anything is edible. French desserts, Italian pizzas, Indian curries, Chinese noodles and soups, as well as classics like fried chicken and hamburgers, are all available. You will receive everything whenever you desire it

Among the well-known regional dishes to sample in New York are

Hot dogs- Try some traditional American hotdogs topped with steamed or grilled sausages, mustard, and ketchup. A variety of dips and toppings are available to decorate the hotdogs any you choose. These are the national symbols of the United States, and they are typically enjoyed with baseball and on July 4th.

Doughnut- Fried dough that has been leavened is used to make doughnuts or donuts. It’s a sweet meal that can be served either plain or with melted chocolate, sprinkles, and powdered sugar on top. Milk and coffee are typical accompaniments to doughnuts.

New York-styled Cheesecakes- Cheesecakes are well-known over the world, with each nation having its own special cheesecake. A cream cheese foundation and heavy cream or sour cream are also included in New York-style cheesecake. The standard New York cheesecake is creamy, dense, and thick.

Cannoli- Cannoli’s are an Italian-American dessert that is widely available in New York’s bakeries. These Italian pastries are filled with sweet and creamy ricotta and have a tube-shaped, fried pastry dough outer shell.

Manhattan Cocktail- The Manhattan Cocktail, a unique drink composed of whisky, sweet vermouth, and bitters was invented in Manhattan. Rye is the conventional whisky of choice, but it’s also common to utilize Canadian whisky, bourbon, blended whisky, and Tennessee whisky. The cocktail is traditionally garnished with a maraschino cherry, mixed, then strained into a cocktail glass.

Top New York Attractions

The New York skyline is beautiful thanks to the city’s collection of some of the highest structures in the world. There are a lot of other locations where you may go and do a lot of interesting stuff. The following are a few of New York’s biggest attractions:

One World Observatory– The One World Observatory is located on floors 100–102 of the tallest structure in the Western Hemisphere. In under 60 seconds, you can travel there using the lightning-fast “Sky Pod” lifts. A breathtaking 360-degree panorama of the Manhattan Skyline is available.

Westfield World Trade Centre Oculus- Furthermore, Westfield World Trade Centre The most expensive train station in the world, Oculus, is home to a gorgeous mall and is served by 12 underground lines as well as the PATH train. You are reminded of the 9/11 attacks by the building, which was constructed with the sun’s solar angles in mind. The Apple Store, Aesop, Kate Spade, John Arvato’s, and other retailers are in the new retail plaza inside. Additionally, there is a dining area with Eataly, Gansevoort Market, Wasabi Sushi & Bento, and other restaurants.

Little Island- The newest and most popular attraction in New York City is Little Island. Since its debut in May 2021, this floating green park has welcomed millions of tourists. Open grass, vibrant shrubs, trees, and a hidden garden may all be found in this park. The Glade and the Amphitheatre in the park also offer views of the Hudson River.

The Vessel- The Vessel, a recent addition to the New York skyline, is number four. Located in Hudson Yards, this 60-ton sculpture has a honeycomb-like design. Visitors can ascend 154 interconnected flights of steps.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art- 17 curatorial collections, ranging from modern photography to ancient Egyptian artifacts, are hidden behind the doors of the renowned neoclassical facade. The extensive selection of instruments, weapons, and protective gear as well as the Ensemble Establishment’s extensive body of wearable craftsmanship are available for those looking to satiate their anthropological curiosity.

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