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The entire continent of Europe is found in the Northern Hemisphere. There is a lot to see and do in Europe’s 44 countries, even though the continent only covers 2% of the planet’s surface and has a surface area of 10.18 km2 and a population of over 740 million people.

The Atlantic in the west, the Arctic in the north, and the Mediterranean in the south all encircle the continent. Additionally, it shares borders with portions of other continents, including Africa, the Middle East, and Asia in the East.

Flights are a simple way to travel throughout Europe, especially given the numerous bodies of water that make using a vehicle, boat, or train more challenging. Numerous airlines offer domestic flights inside certain nations as well as transcontinental flights that circle the continent as well as intercontinental or transatlantic flights that go to other continents.

The area and the rest of the world are served by more than 50 significant European airlines. These airlines offer a variety of low-cost, full-service, and Domestic and International airlines in addition to some legacy carriers.

1. Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines, the national carrier of Turkey, flies to about 340 locations in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. It is a significant and top airline in Europe and one of the biggest mainline carriers in terms of passengers carried. The airline provides service to most non-stop airlines from a single location on the entire planet. With 24 cargo planes, it offers service to 82 locations. There are only two cabin classes available: Business Class and Economy Class.

Economy Class – The utmost level of passenger comfort is intended with these seats. These 46 cm wide seats are specifically made for long-haul flights because they have 79 cm more legroom and 15 cm greater recline. The passengers also have access to 11.3-inch multimedia screens, universal power connections, and adjustable headrests. Get seasonal Turkish cuisine that has been freshly cooked and take advantage of the hot or cold breakfast and supper options. Passengers can choose among amenity sets that include socks, a sleep mask, earplugs, lip balm, toothbrushes, and toothpaste.

Business Class – Enjoy a luxurious and delightful journey in Turkish Airlines Business Class. It has fully flat chairs with a 193 cm bed conversion length. It has an 18-inch screen, a cocktail table, a seat control panel, and universal power outlets. Passengers holding Miles & Smiles Elite or Elite Plus cards are entitled to complimentary unrestricted internet access. Enjoy the acclaimed Turkish cuisine in the sky, choosing the meal and time of your choosing. The airline offers comfort packages and amenity kits in a selection of styles. Coccinelle designed the kits for female travelers, and Hackett created them for male passengers.

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Turkish Airlines
Turkish Airlines

2. Lufthansa Airlines

It is the national airline of Germany and was established in 1953, or over 70 years ago, with bases in Frankfurt and Munich airports. When all of its companies are added together, it becomes the second-biggest airline in Europe and the largest airline in the world in terms of daily passenger traffic. One of the original founding members of Star Alliance, the world’s largest airline alliance, is Lufthansa. Numerous passenger airlines that it owns and operates as its subsidiaries include Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Swiss International Airlines, and others. It operates 275 aircraft to reach 310 locations. One of the top airlines in Europe, it offers excellent services and a welcoming workforce.

Economy Class – Short-haul flights use A320s with 3-3 configurations and a 30-inch pitch. The seating arrangement for lengthy international flights is 3-3-3, with seats having 31- to 32-inch pitch. Each seat has a power port and an adjustable headrest. There are screens for in-flight entertainment that offer a variety of films and TV shows.

Premium Economy Class – With a 2-3-2 configuration, it offers 50% more area for the seats and additional legroom. Additionally, the chairs have cocktail tables on the armrests. Individual passengers have access to 11–12-inch wide entertainment displays where they can watch films or listen to their favorite music. You can choose your dinner from the provided menu after receiving non-alcoholic welcome drinks.

Business Class – The passengers are given a variety of benefits, including lounge access, priority boarding, complimentary food and beverages, and extra baggage. They can relax in one of the most comfortable seats during the journey while reading and drinking.

First Class – It is the most uncommon stateroom in the fleet. The private terminal at Frankfurt Airport and the 1-2-1 seat configuration help to improve the service. The airline gives your requests a lot of consideration. At the airports in Frankfurt and Munich, valet services are also provided to travelers. With alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, enjoy the best gastronomic delights.

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3. British Airways

It was one of the first airlines in the world to be created in 1919 and is still going strong today. Its headquarters are in London, England, and Heathrow Airport serves as its primary hub. In terms of passengers carried, it is the UK’s second-largest airline behind easyJet. In 2011, British Airlines and Iberia merged to become the International Airlines Group, the second-largest airline group in Europe and the third-largest in the world in terms of revenue.

Along with American Airlines, Canadian Airlines, Qantas Airways, and Cathay Pacific, it is a founding member of the One World airline alliance, making it the third-largest behind SkyTeam and Star Alliance. Together with its other companies, it operates 257 aircraft on flights to more than 183 locations. For short-haul flights, it offers Economy Class and Business Class, and for mid- and long-haul flights, First Class, and Club World.

Euro Traveler Class – On short-haul domestic flights, British Airways offers an economy class referred to as Euro Traveler Class. Flights with Heathrow or Gatwick as their home bases are operated by Airbus A320 aircraft. The pitch of the seat can range from 29 to 34 inches, depending on the kind of aircraft and the position of the seat. Through a smartphone application, meals can be requested in advance and purchased.

World Traveler – With seat-back entertainment, cushions, blankets, and free food and beverages, economy class is an option on all mid- and long-haul flights. Only certain aircraft have a paid option for Wi-Fi. All long-haul flights include entertainment screens, but only those based at Heathrow Airport have access to power outlets.

World Traveler Plus – There is a premium economy class option for all international flights. It includes roomier seats, more legroom, a footrest, and power outlets in addition to onboard entertainment. With an improved main course, it also provides a free bar.

Club Europe – On all short-haul flights, British Airways offers business class, also known as Club Europe. It offers free onboard cuisine as well as the convenience of business lounges at airports. Passengers who are traveling a long distance are given pillows and blankets.

Club World – It has fully convertible flatbed seats and is a business-class cabin for lengthy trips. It is offered on Boeing 777, Boeing 787-10, and A350 aircraft.

First Class – It is typically available on all A380, Boeing 777-300ER, Boeing 787-9/10, and Boeing 777-200ER mid- and long-haul flights. 8 to 14 private rooms with a 6 ft. 6-inch bed, a 15-inch wide entertainment screen, power outlets, and complimentary Wi-Fi are offered, depending on the aircraft.

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British Airways
British Airways

4. Virgin Atlantic

The airline is based in Crawley, England, and is a British company. It was founded as British Atlantic Airways in 1984 with the sole purpose of running flights between London and the Falkland Islands. Virgin Atlantic Limited, which is 51% owned by Virgin Group and 49% by Delta Airlines, owns Virgin Atlantic. Its fleet of 40 aircraft, which comprises Boeing and Airbus models, is sufficient to operate in 32 locations. There are just 3 classes available: Business Class, Premium Economy, and Economy.

Economy Class – With a 31-inch seat pitch, the economy class seats are very comfortable. Economy Light, Economy Class, and Economy Delight are available, with only a few characteristics varying between each. At check-in, economy light seats can be selected; only one piece of hand luggage up to 10 kg is permitted. On the other hand, travelers traveling in Economy Classic standard seats have the option to check one 23-kg bag in addition to one handbag that weighs 10 kg. A seat pitch of 34 inches is available on Economy Delight, and the seats have additional legroom and can be changed at any time. It lets travelers use several services like priority boarding and premium check-in, as well as two checked bags weighing 23 kg and 10 kg each. There are delicious foods and high-quality drinks in the Economy. You can get free entertainment, but Wi-Fi services are paid, you have to spend an extra £2.99.

Premium Economy Class – Virgin Atlantic offers the best premium cabin classes in the world in its premium economy class. It has a 38-inch seat pitch, and the extra-large leather seats make the trip more comfortable. You can choose premium seats at any moment in Premium Economy. Additionally, it offers a Wander Wall with packed sweets for both adults and children to enjoy during the flight. Amenity packs filled with necessities are supplied to passengers flying at night. You can pick the meal and beverage you want to pair with your hot, delectable meals.

Business Class – The seats are the largest lie-flat seats compared to those in any other Business Class and are also referred to as Upper Class. You can choose upper-class seats whenever you wish in its extra-large seats. Two 32kg checked bags and two 16kg hand luggage are allowed, and priority baggage delivery is available. At most airports, you can even use the Clubhouse lounge amenities.

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virgin Atlantic
Virgin Atlantic

5. Finnair

It is the largest airline in Finland, and Helsinki Airport serves as both its hub and corporate headquarters. The Finnish government owns most of its stock, which controls the majority of domestic and international flights in Finland. The One World airline alliance includes Finnair, the sixth-oldest airline still in business. Through its subsidiaries, such as Finnair Facilities Management, Finnair Freight, Finnair Aircraft Finance, Finnair Travel Services, and Nordic Regional Airlines, it also provides freight and travel services. Together with its subsidiaries, it operates 79 planes that go to 116 locations.

Economy Class – Take advantage of the spacious, comfy seats that are expressly created for you on both short- and long-haul flights. Passengers on some international flights have the option of a meal and a special snack bar. Only European flights offer complimentary drinks, which include coffee, tea, water, milk, and blueberry juice. Screens for in-flight entertainment that are 11 to 12 inches wide are also affixed to the seats.

Premium Economy Class – With a 38″ seat pitch, premium economy seats offer additional comfort, room, and options. Two meal options are provided, one of which is a premium three-course meal and the other consists of light snacks and is served in fine China. Take advantage of the complimentary drinks, excluding champagne, that come with your meals. Champagne and refreshments are available for purchase. Additionally, universal power connectors and storage facilities are provided to support your device’s energy requirements.

Business Class – Every Airbus aircraft has access to it. Long-haul flights include in-flight entertainment screens, and seats can recline to a full flatbed of 78 inches. Along with first-rate services, it offers additional comfort and complete flexibility. Enjoy the acclaimed cuisine and beverages. A Business Classic or Flex ticket even entitles you to priority services. On a long-haul flight, passengers receive Marimekko travel kits.

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6. Aegean Airlines

Commenced in 1999, Aegean Airlines is a Greek airline, and its main hubs are Athens International Airport, Macedonia International Airport, and Larnaca International Airport. It is the largest Greek airline in terms of fleet size, destinations covered, and number of passengers carried. It operates various scheduled and charter services to several Greek, European and Middle Eastern destinations. Since 2010, it is a member of Star Alliance. Aegean Airlines has its secondary hubs at Chania International Airport, Heraklion International Airport, Kalamata International Airport, Larnaca International Airport, and Rhodes International Airport. It offers 2 classes: Economy Class and Business Class.

Economy Class – Aegean Airlines’ Economy Class has three different types of seating: Light, Flex, and Comfort Flex.

  • Light – You can bring the necessities on your trip. Passengers on the Airbus fleet are allowed to bring one 8 kg bag. Additionally offered are snacks and light dinners. On both local and international flights, light-fare seats are available. For a fee of 3 euros for domestic flights and 6 euros for international flights, passengers can choose their seats.
  • Flex – It allows for flexible travel. A bag weighing up to 8 kilograms and a personal item is the only carry-on goods that passengers may bring with them. Free seat selection is available for regular seats starting at the time of booking or during registration. Both domestic and international flights include little snacks and beverages.
  • Comfort Flex – If you want to travel cheaply and with the most comfort possible, this is the ideal option. It is flexible if changes to a later or earlier flight on the same day of departure are made without paying a fee or a fare difference charge. Both international and domestic flights offer snacks and refreshments. You are entitled to free seat selection for standard and upfront seats (depending on availability) from the time you book until the time you check-in.

Business Class – Take advantage of the improved service, which offers additional comfort on board, priority airport check-in, and more flexibility. Additional personal space, comfort, and privacy can be offered during the trip with a cabin separator, increased pitch, and leather seats with the middle seat always unoccupied. You can choose the seat of your choice even while making a reservation. As a business class traveler, you may enjoy a full culinary experience from a meal made with regional foods and Greek flavors by three Greek executive chefs. You can also choose from a variety of hot and cold drinks as well as cocktails. Even your meals can be altered to suit your preferences. A fast-track lane at the security checkpoint, designated priority counters at the check-in counter, and priority at the baggage pick-up point all contribute to a smooth and quick airport experience.

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Aegean Airlines
Aegean Airlines

7. Swiss International Airlines

Scheduled flights are available to and from Europe as well as to North America, South America, Africa, and Asia through the national airline of Switzerland, Swiss International Air Lines AG, or SWISS. It replaces Geneva Air Terminal as the center city and Zurich Air Terminal as its sole center point. After Swissair, Switzerland’s then-main airline, filed for bankruptcy in 2002, the airplane was framed. The cornerstone of the new airline was Cross Air, which had been Swissair’s regional affiliate. It is a Lufthansa Group subsidiary and one of the Star Alliance’s members. It has a location at Zurich Airport in Kloten, Switzerland, and its corporate offices are at Euro Airport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg, both of which are close to Basel, Switzerland.

Swiss Economy – It is offered on both domestic and international flights. There are three fare options available for flights to Europe: Flex, Classic, and Light.

  • Flex– allows you to keep one personal bag up to 8 kg and one piece of luggage up to 23 kg. It also gives priority boarding, seat reservations, rebooking, paid cancellation, and changing to an earlier departure possibility.
  • Classic Fare – With Classic Fare, you get a seat reservation, miles & more program, paid to rebook, and permits you to keep one personal baggage of up to 8 kg and one piece of luggage of up to 23 kg.
  • Light Fare– Only an 8 kg handbag and access to miles and more are the only benefits offered by Light Fare. There are Swiss Savers available for all fares. The spacious seat separations will give you plenty of legroom, and the adjustable headrests will make it easier for you to get a good night’s sleep on longer trips.

The same amenities are provided in Economy Class on international flights as well, but each passenger has access to a personal entertainment screen.

Swiss Premium Economy – Swiss Premium Economy is a service offered on all long-haul flights on Airbus A340-300 and Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. The seats are 46 cm wide, tilted 31 degrees, have a 15.6-inch personal screen, and have a 99 cm seat pitch. Enjoy a welcome drink without alcohol before takeoff as a passenger in SWISS Premium Economy and look forward to an extended menu. You can rapidly get access to your boarding pass by using online check-in. In the eco-friendly SWISS Premium Economy, travelers are given a toiletry bag with a sleeping mask, earplugs, a toothbrush, and toothpaste. This comes in a variety of versions, shapes, and colors depending on the departing airport.

Swiss Business Class– Swiss Business – The 20.5-inch-wide seats in this class may be folded down to form a 2-meter-long bed. There is an available 16-inch personal entertainment screen. On SWISS flights that depart from Zurich, a variety of Swiss food is provided along with seasonal delicacies created by top Swiss chefs. In Business Class, you are permitted to bring adequate hand luggage (2 x 8 kg) and checked luggage (2 x 32 kg).

Additionally, priority luggage handling is available to you at your destination. Separate check-in counters provide rapid check-in wherever in the world. With Victorinox, the movement units have been planned as a team. The most popular maker of Swiss folding knives. The collection includes multifunctional kits with high-end products to make your life easier and more comfortable.

Swiss First Class – Each SWISS First seat on the Boeing 777-300ER and the Airbus A340-300 may easily be converted into a private suite, complete with a private wardrobe next to the seat and additional room for storing your belongings. The 80-inch-long bed may be made from the 22-inch-wide chairs, which are also 22 inches broad. The time at which meals are served is up to you. On long-haul flights leaving from Zurich, the SWISS Taste of Switzerland is offered: exquisite food is provided along with great wines. You get a separate registration work area at the terminal that is only for you, so your adventure gets off to a great start quickly. When you fly first class, you are allowed to bring a lot of hand luggage (2 x 8 kg) and checked luggage (3 x 32 kg). Spend some time in the upscale SWISS and Star Alliance lounges before you go. In Zurich, we offer you exclusive day rooms, conference spaces, and a delectable menu.

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Swiss International Airlines
Swiss International Airlines

8. Air France

In Tremblay-en-France, the national airline of France, Air France, maintains its headquarters. It is a division of the Air France-KLM Group and a founding member of the international airline alliance SkyTeam. As of 2013, Air France operated scheduled passenger and cargo services to 201 locations throughout 78 nations, including 29 locations within France. The airline transported 46,803,000 passengers in 2019. The airline’s main domestic hub is located at Orly Airport, while its main international hub is located at Charles de Gaulle Airport. Airbus and Boeing widebody aircraft are used for long-distance travel, whereas Airbus A32 family aircraft are used for short-distance travel.

Air France offers a variety of three and four-cabin configurations for international long-haul flights, including Economy, Business, Premium Economy, and La Première (on selected aircraft). Individual screens with sound and video are available upon request in all cabins of long-stretch aircraft. On European short- and medium-haul flights, there are three cabin classes: Business, Premium Economy, and Economy.

Economy Class – Long-haul economy class seats on Air France’s aircraft may rotate up to 118 degrees. The current long-haul Economy seat, which first appeared on the Boeing 777-300ER, includes wing-like headrests, a personal phone, and a touchscreen TV with Air France’s AVOD Interactive Entertainment System. A menu with two meal options is offered on lengthy flights. Both short- and medium-haul Economy flights use Airbus A320 family aircraft with various seating arrangements. Air France is one of the only airlines to provide winged headrests on both short- and medium-haul flights in both classes.

On medium– and short-haul flights, a three-course cold supper is provided; on domestic flights, a snack is provided. All flights offer complimentary drinks, including champagne. Air France offers Seat In addition to extra-large economy seats on most of its aircraft. Depending on the kind of aircraft, these seats can be found in any row and feature a seat pitch that is at least 4 inches taller (36 inches as opposed to the typical 32 inches seen in ordinary economy seats). Seating prices vary according to the flight schedule, however, elites and passengers with full-priced economy tickets are exempt.

Premium Economy – Premium Economy is available on all long-haul flights. It was first made available on Boeing 777s and Airbus A330s between late 2009 and early 2010. With a seating arrangement of 2-4-2 (2-3-2 for the long-haul Airbus fleet and 3-3-3 on the 777-300 serving the Indian Ocean and Caribbean routes), 123° reclining fixed-shell seats with adjustable headrests, 10.4′′ touchscreen, a reading lamp, universal power ports, and an adjustable leg rest (40 percent more space than Voyageur seats; the seats are 20% wider and have 20% more legroom), this separate cabin section has all the amenities. Passengers receive bonuses of frequent flyer points, lounge access, and priority access to airport services.

Sennheiser noise-canceling headphones, enhanced blankets, amenity kits with socks, eye masks, toothbrushes, and toothpaste, and improved food service with a second hot dinner, sweets, and ice cream served with genuine glass and metal silverware are among the amenities.

Business Class– Air France’s long-haul business class service, Business, is available on all long-haul aircraft. Angled lie-flat seats in the business class have a two-meter swivel range. Each seat has a 10.4-inch touchscreen TV with intelligent gaming and AVOD, a lamp, a personal phone, and power outlets for workstations. After takeoff, an express menu or three-course meals are offered as part of the meal service.

La Premiere First Class – La Premiere is the name of Air France’s long-haul first-class service, which is offered on specific Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. The chairs in the Première cabin are two-meter-long beds made of wood and leather that can recline 180 degrees. A 10.4-inch touchscreen personal screen with smart gaming and sound video on demand, a security divider, an auto-massage feature, a reading lamp, a storage cabinet, noise-canceling headphones, a personal phone, and PC power connections are all included in each seat. Each traveler also receives a personalized coat service, a blanket made of pure merino wool, a cushion that is “boudoir-style,” and a travel box that includes Biologique Recherche items for moisturizing and refreshing the skin. Individually, entrées prepared by Cook Fellow Martin are part of on-demand feast administrations.

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Air France
Air France

9. KLM

It is the 1919-founded Dutch airline. KLM is based in Amstelveen, with Schiphol, the nearby Amsterdam Airport terminal, serving as its focal point. It is a member of the SkyTeam airline alliance and the Air France-KLM corporation. One of the oldest-running airlines in the world, it was founded in 1919. As of 2021, the airline operated scheduled passenger and cargo services to 145 locations with a fleet of 110 aircraft and 35,488 personnel (excluding subsidiaries). Since September 1993, the carriers have operated their transatlantic flights as a joint venture. In March 1994,

KLM and Northwest Airlines introduced World Business Class on international flights. KLM has three cabin classes for international long-haul flights: Economy Comfort, World Business Class, and Economy. Personal screens with audio-video on demand, satellite telephone, SMS, and email services are provided in every cabin on all long-haul airplanes. Economy Comfort and Europe Business seats are in the forward lodge on European short- and medium-haul flights, while Economy seats are in the back lodge.

Economy Class – Economy Class seats have a width of 17.5 inches and a pitch of 31 to 32 inches on lengthy flights. Each seat has an adjustable winged headrest, a 9-inch AVOD, and a personal handset satellite telephone that can be paid for with a credit card. On Airbus A330-300 aircraft, the Economy Class seats also have in-seat power. On short-haul flights, the Economy Class seats are 17 inches wide and have a 30- to 31-inch pitch. The Economy Class seats do not have personal entertainment on short-haul flights.

Long-haul Economy Class seating is configured 3-4-3 abreast on Boeing 747-400, Boeing 777-300ER, and Boeing 777-200ER aircraft, 3-3-3 abreast on Boeing 787-9 aircraft, and 2-4-2 abreast on Airbus A330 aircraft. Short-haul Economy Class seats are 17 inches (43 cm) wide and configured 2-2 on Embraer 175 and 190 aircraft as opposed to 3-3 abreast on Boeing 737 aircraft.

Economy Comfort– The premium economy class known as Economy Comfort is available on all KLM and KLM City hopper flights. On lengthy flights, Economy Comfort seats have a pitch that is 4 inches higher, and a maximum recline of 7 inches than Economy Class seats, which have a pitch of 35 to 36 inches. Economy Comfort seats on short-haul flights have a 33.5–34.5-inch pitch and can recline up to 5 inches further. Passengers traveling in economy class can book these seats.

Premium Comfort – KLM declared in 2022 that Premium Comfort would be added to their fleet of long-distance aircraft. 21 to 28 new seats, each with a 13-inch touch screen, moveable leg, and footrests, a 7.8-inch (20-cm) recline, and up to 6.7-inch (17-cm) greater pitch than Economy seats, make up the new Premium Comfort cabin. Additionally, travelers traveling in Premium Comfort can make use of Sky Priority perks and improved food and beverage services.

Business Class – KLM and KLM City Hopper’s short-haul business class are known as Business Class. The typical pitch and width of business class seats in Europe are 33 inches (84 cm) and 17 inches (43 cm), respectively. The middle seats in three-seat rows are blocked to provide passenger’s greater personal space. Business Class seats in Europe have additional legroom and can recline further than Economy Class seats. In-seat power is available on every single Boeing 737 airplane. Personal entertainment is not available in Europe Business Class. On the Boeing 737 airplane, the center seat is blocked off and the rows are spaced three to three apart. The seating on the Embraer E-Jet family and E-Jet E2 aircraft is separated into two-to-two rows.

World Business Class – World Business Class is the long-distance business class service offered by KLM. The older World Business Class chairs are 20 inches wide and have a 60-inch pitch. With a length of 75 inches and an angle of 170 degrees, the seats may recline into a flatbed. The chairs come equipped with a 10.4-inch personal entertainment system, a privacy canopy, a massage feature, laptop charging outlets, and music and video on demand in the armrests. All Airbus A330s feature 2-2-2 side-by-side World Business Class seating. With a resolution of 17 inches, the new seats have entirely flat surfaces and personal entertainment systems. The bed is approximately 2 meters (6.6 feet) length when perfectly level. The cabin contains a cradle-to-cradle carpet created from old uniforms that have been intricately woven, as well as new pillows and curtains with similar designs.

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KLM Airlines
KLM Airlines

10. Air Algérie

The flag carrier of Algeria, Air Algeria, is based in Immeubles El-Djazair in Algiers. From Hodari Boumediene Airport, it runs scheduled domestic flights to 32 airports and international flights to 39 locations in 28 nations throughout Europe, North America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. As of December 2013, the Algerian government-owned 100% of Air Algeria. Air Algeria is actively coordinating its codeshare arrangements, frequent flyer programs, and airport lounge agreements with each SkyTeam airline to meet the conditions for a membership application. The company explained that they began working with Lufthansa after applying to join SkyTeam or Star Union. The airline also offers charter services for oil prospecting and the yearly Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca.

Economy Class – Airbus A330-200, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 737-600, ATR 72-500, and ATR 72-600 are the available economy class aircraft. The Airbus A330-200’s seats have a 118-degree recline. Each seat has a built-in audio system. The back chairs of the Boeings 737-800 and 737-600 can lean 118 degrees with a sturdy framework. The ATR 72-500’s seats can rotate 118 degrees. Our tasty, well-balanced meals on long- and medium-haul flights are held to the highest standards of quality and cleanliness. You can choose a different meal from “Manage My Booking” at any time after booking and up to 48 hours before your trip. You can pick from a variety of our Duty-Free items on Air Algeria flights. View a curated selection of the top products available duty-free.

Business Class– Business Class is offered on the Boeing 737-800, Boeing 737-600, and Airbus A330-200. The Airbus A330-200’s seats can recline up to 118 degrees. After takeoff, an express beverage is provided. The leaning-back chairs on the Boeing 737-800 and Boeing 737-600 have a robust framework and can tilt up to 118 degrees. Enjoy your flight while staying informed about current events, pieces from the national and international press, cultural places in Algeria, art columns, biographies, and practical details like the locations of some institutions and a directory of hotels in Algeria. Hot meals are prepared for you by skilled chefs. Delicious food makes every meal a memorable occasion. You can get a drink at any point during the flight.

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Air Algérie
Air Algérie

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