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Top Airlines Of Africa

Africa is one of the best places for air navigation because of its proximity to Asia and Europe. It offers access to nations in the Middle East as well. Due to its $63 billion annual revenue and 7.7 million jobs, the airline industry in Africa contributes to both economic growth and job creation. Here are the top 10 airlines operating in Africa, which we have specifically covered in this article for you.

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Ethiopian Airlines

One of the major airlines operating in Ethiopia is Ethiopian Airlines. It was founded in 1945, and the Ethiopian government owns it.  It joined the African Airlines Association in 1968, and the Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa serves as its primary hub. Its network spans 125 locations, with Togo and Malawi serving as auxiliary centers. In terms of fleet size, revenue, passengers carried, and destinations, it is the largest airline in Africa and one of the Star Alliance members. It is also the fourth-largest airline in the world and one of the top airlines of Africa. Asky Airlines, Guinea Airways, Malawi Airlines, Nigeria Air, and Zambia Airways are some of its principal subsidiaries. Cloud Nine and Economy Class are the two main classes.

Economy Class – For a comfortable ride, the chairs offer additional reclining features. Eighty channels of on-demand music and video content are available. Additionally, there is food and free drinks available.

Cloud Nine – Ethiopian Airlines’ Business Class is what it is. Cloud With on-demand music and video services, onboard comforts, reading material, food, and free refreshments, nine of the cabin seats are sleeper seats. Refreshments are also provided to the travelers depending on the duration of the journey.

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top airlines of Africa
Ethiopian Airways

Royal Air Maroc

The main airline in Morocco and its national carrier is Royal Air Maroc. Royal Air Maroc is among the top airlines of Africa. The Moroccan government owns this airline, which has its headquarters in Casablanca-Anfa Airport. From its hub at Mohammed V International Airport, it runs flights to 103 locations and also performs a few special flights for Hajj services. It has 52 aircraft in total, the majority of which are made by Boeing. Since 2020, Royal Air Maroc has belonged to One World. For long-, medium-, and short-haul flights, the airline offers both Economy Class and Business Class.

Economy Class – Royal Air Maroc improves the Economy Class travel experience with its pleasant and roomy seats. There are more than 150 music albums, 20 video games, a Quran reading, and a geo-vision system available on each individual entertainment screen. On long-haul flights, free meals are provided, while hot snacks are provided on short- and medium-haul flights.

Business Class – All Business Class cabins have comfy seats, as well as expedited security and check-in lines. Additionally, it provides hot and cold meal options as well as a bar service. There are two seating arrangements for the Boeing 787: 2-2-2 for 787-8 models and 1-2-1 for 787-9 models. The long-haul business class chairs have power plugs built into them and can recline and be made into a fully flat bed. Additionally, travelers are given foldable tables for use at meals and when working. Additionally, there are on-demand entertainment displays with more than 45 channels and 150 musical CDs. For the best comfort during travel, amenity packs also include 100% natural skincare products with a Moroccan flair, a pair of socks, and an eye mask. Moroccan-influenced dishes include salad, a hot entrée of your choice, cheese, pastries, or fresh fruit, and are offered on flights lasting more than 2.5 hours. Short-haul flights (less than 2.5 hours) just provide the passengers with food.

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Royal Air Maroc
Royal Air Maroc

South African Airways

It was established in 1934 and is the national airline of South Africa. It is based in Airways Park at Johannesburg’s O. R. Tambo International Airport. When it joined Star Alliance in 2006, it was the first airline from Africa to join any significant airline alliance. With only 7 aircraft in its fleet and only 13 destinations served, South African Airways is not a particularly large airline, but is among the top airlines of Africa. Economy Class and Business Class are the two main cabin classes.

Economy Class – With a seat pitch of 32 inches and a 2-4-2 layout, it flies Economy Class on Airbus A330 and A340. With plenty of legroom and built-in USB charging ports, the seats are plush and roomy. All passengers flying on a long-distance trip are given blankets and pillows. A kit of amenities is also provided, including a toothbrush, toothpaste, socks, and an eyeshade.

Business Class – Airbus A340-300s/-600 has seats with a seat pitch of 73″ and 74″ in business class, while A330-200/300 has seats with a seat pitch of 73″ and 75″. Various South African meals are available on the menu, and wines are also offered. Each passenger has access to on-demand entertainment screens, and they also receive an amenity box with travel-related amenities.

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South African Airways
South African Airways

Air Mauritius

The national airline of Mauritius was established in 1967 and is called Air Mauritius. Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport in Port Louis, Mauritius, serves as its primary airport. It has a total of 9 aircraft, including the Airbus A330-200, A330-900, A350-900, and ATR 72-500. Using Bell 206 Jet Ranger helicopters, this airline additionally offers tour services. There are two travel classes on this airline: business and economy.

One of the oldest operating airlines in Africa, it is the state-owned flag carrier of Egypt. It was founded in 1932. EgyptAir’s primary hub is Cairo International Airport, from which flights depart for 81 other locations in Africa, Europe, Asia, and America. It belongs to Star Alliance, and its primary subsidiaries include Air Cairo, EgyptAir Cargo, and Smart Aviation Company. Its fleet currently consists of 68 Airbus and Boeing aircraft in total.

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Air Mauritius
Air Mauritius


It is the state-owned flag carrier of Egypt which was established in 1932, making it one of the oldest functional airlines in Africa. Cairo International Airport is the main hub of EgyptAir, from where flights operate to 81 other destinations throughout Africa, Europe, Asia, and America. It is a member of Star Alliance, with Air Cairo, Egyptair Cargo, and Smart Aviation Company as its main subsidiaries. In total, it has 68 Airbus and Boeing aircraft in its fleet, currently in operation.

Economy Class – Your journey is made simpler and more comfortable by simplified check-in procedures. There is additional room and legroom in the seats of the Airbus A350 (18-inch wide seat) and A330neo (17-inch broad seat). Both seats recline by 6 inches, making them cozy for lengthy trips. Additionally, they have a flip-up cushion and an adjustable headrest. Fresh, culturally inspired meals are offered, and there are also free drinks available.

Business Class – It gives travelers easy booking options and expedited check-in. The chairs may be fully flattened, and each one has an inbuilt screen for on-demand entertainment. To give passengers as many options as possible, newspapers and magazines are also available on readers. You are permitted to bring two purses, each weighing 7 kg, and two checked bags, each weighing 32 kg. It provides waiting areas where you may sit down, unwind, and wait at various airports. As the passengers embark, welcome refreshments are provided, and deluxe meals are served. Additionally, amenity boxes with lip balms and moisturizers for travel are offered.

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One of the newest airlines in existence, it was created in 2002 and serves as Rwanda’s national carrier. It operates domestic and overseas flights to 29 locations in Asia, the Middle East, East Africa, Central Africa, Europe, West Africa, and Southern Africa from its hub at Kigali International Airport. The additional bases for Rwand Air are Kotoka International Airport and Cadjehoun Airport. RwandAir is considered one of the top airlines of Africa.

Economy Class – These chairs recline by 15 cm and offer head and foot supports that can be adjusted. It has a personal USB port and an entertainment screen and is available on both short- and long-haul flights. Additionally, it provides passengers with free refreshments and meals.

Premium Class – Compared to Economy Class, there is more room for the legs. The seats are set in a 2-3-2 arrangement and have a 96.25 cm pitch. With a separate cabin and enhanced reclining, the chairs offer adjustable leg rests and footrests. For in-flight entertainment, there is a personal entertainment screen available. Until you get at your destination, enjoy the delectable onboard food options.

Business Class – The guests can enjoy additional solitude and comfort in this class in addition to wider legroom. The seats are set in a 1-2-1 layout and have a 111.76 cm pitch. There is a personal work area and a personal TV screen for in-flight entertainment in each of these fully flat beds. A welcome beverage, which can be champagne, water, or juice, is served to start the voyage. Depending on the time of day, you can have a variety of delectable pastries for breakfast as you wait for your hot main entrée. You can order a three-course meal for lunch and dinner, which includes an appetizer, a main dish, and a dessert.

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It is a global low-cost carrier, and its main office is in Johannesburg, South Africa. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Safari. In August 2013, the South African Air Service Licensing Council gave the airline permission to launch ten daily flights between Cape Town International Airport and Johannesburg’s OR Tambo International Airport. The FlySafair service allows passengers to purchase food and beverages while traveling. Additionally, FlySafair provides a monthly magazine called In Flight on Board. Additionally, it was the first airline in South Africa to allow credit cards on board. They offer complimentary pre-packaged meals on their international itineraries in addition to other options for buying food and beverages. Due to hygiene concerns, the In-Flight magazine is presently only accessible online. FlySafair is one of the top airlines of Africa besides being a low-cost carrier.

Lite Fare – The least expensive cost on FlySafair is called the “Lite Fare.” With this ticket, passengers receive a comfortable seat and are allowed a 7kg carry-on luggage. You can add any other services that you would like to the ones that are already included with this ticket. For business travelers, it is perfect.

Standard Fare – This fare includes priority boarding, two cost-free changes, and 20 kilograms of luggage at check-in. In any event, this fare may be further modified by adding any leftover extra items.

Business Fare – It includes two checked bags, each up to 23 kilograms in weight, any additional special equipment, such as musical instruments or sporting goods, priority boarding, an already-reserved seat, and a ticket that is fully refundable to a FlySafair wallet.

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Air Seychelles

Air Seychelles is the flag carrier of the Republic of Seychelles and is one of the top airlines of Africa. From its headquarters at Seychelles International Airport on the island of Mahé, it runs international and intra-island flights as well as charter flights. It changed its name to Air Seychelles in September 1978. The airline started running international routes to Frankfurt and London in 1983. In January 2018, Air Seychelles made the announcement that it would concentrate on growing its regional network, returning its two long-haul Airbus A330 aircraft, and canceling its lone long-haul route (Paris). The plan intends to guarantee the airline’s survival and long-term profitability. 

Low-cost African airline Fast Jet started flying in 2012. From its headquarters in Johannesburg, it runs regional flights between Zimbabwe, Botswana, and South Africa. From its base in Tanzania, it started to enlarge its services in 2015. There are now only two airlines: Fast Jet Zimbabwe, which operates both domestically and internationally in Zimbabwe, and Fed Air, which mostly focuses on charter and safari business in South Africa. It has won numerous honors, including multiple Leading African Low-Cost Carrier World Travel honors in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021. Additionally, in 2017 and 2019, Skytrax World Airline Awards recognized Best Low-Cost Airline in Africa. All its aircraft exclusively offer Economy Class. However, there are two distinct types of fares.

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air seychelles
Air Seychelles


Fastjet is a low-cost and one of the top airlines of African airline, which began operating in 2012. It operates regional flights between Zimbabwe, Botswana, and South Africa from its headquarters in Johannesburg. In 2015, it began expanding its services from its base in Tanzania. At the moment, there are two airlines: FedAir, which focuses primarily on charter and safari business in South Africa, and Fastjet Zimbabwe, which operates domestically and internationally in Zimbabwe. It is a multi-award winning airline and has won several awards for Leading African Low-Cost Carrier World Travel Awards in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. Also, Skytrax World Airline Awards Best Low-Cost Airline in Africa in 2017 and 2019. It only provides Economy Class on all of its aircraft. However, two different types of fares are available.

Economy Class – A collapsible tray and a personal light system are provided together with comfortable padded seats. On both fares, the seats remain the same. There is no in-flight Wi-Fi and only magazines are provided for entertainment. On every Fast Jet flight, passengers receive complimentary snacks and beverages regardless of the fare category.

The Value Flyer – For travelers who are constantly searching for the finest airline prices, it is the perfect choice. The already scheduled flight’s date and time can be modified for a modest cost.

The Flex Flyer – The Flex Flyer tariff is ideal for you if you want comfort and flexibility. It offers free seat selection, an unlimited number of penalty-free date/time adjustments for your travel, and free snacks and beverages on most flights.

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Kenya Airways

Kenya Airways is the nation’s flag carrier and was established in 1977. Its main hub is located at Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, from which it offers flights to 53 more locations. A significant member of SkyTeam and the African Airline Association is Kenya Airways. The two principal subsidiaries of Kenya Airways are Jambo jet and African Cargo Handling Limited.

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kenya airways
Kenya Airways

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