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Sometimes it’s inevitable that your child has to fly without an adult. For instance, if the child’s parents are separated by long distances due to work or any other reason, or visit to see their relatives abroad. Allowing minors to board flights on their own is an option. This option might be available by the airlines. The first experience of flying solo could be nerve-wracking for a kid. So, to make the journey less nerve-wracking choose an understanding airline with friendly staff and know about their UNMR policies.

How old does a child have to be to fly alone?

The age of children who can travel without the company of an adult on flights varies per airline. Typically, an unaccompanied minor (UMNR) is any kid between the age of five and 11 who is flying without a parent, guardian, or close family member. For those kids an unaccompanied minor’s service will need to be reserved. Most airlines that offer a chaperone service don’t provide support services to children younger than five. Some airlines allow children above the age of 14 to fly alone. While some don’t allow any child under the age of 16 to fly unless with someone over 18. On Lufthansa and Norwegian Air flights, minors can travel without a grown-up from the age of 12. As the rules vary as per the airline that presents this service, if you have to choose a particular airline, it is advised that you check their rules and regulations.

Unrestricted Minor Policy
How to book for an unaccompanied minor?

Check with our travel experts to see if the kid meets the UNMR age conditions. Numerous airlines limit the number of chaperoned children permitted on a flight. So, booking in advance should be a priority. With most airlines, you could choose an airline’s customer care service to book a flight directly or get it done through a travel agent, depending on the minor’s age. Make sure that the child’s passport details and the contact details of person dropping them off and meeting them when they land are clear and correct. 

UNMR Service for various Airlines

If your kid will be traveling with UNMR service, it’s better to book their travel either through United Reservations or with the help of our travel expert.

If your unaccompanied kid’s reservation was booked via united.com or by our company, please contact the respective side to ensure that essential info is entered into the system. Such details include the names of individuals bringing your kids to the airport and picking them up when they land. So, have names, addresses, and phone numbers handy to help expedite the call.

For more details, please visit United’s policy on minors. 

  • Let Emirates or our travel staff know at the time of booking what kind of meal and seat your child prefers and the party responsible will make it see-through. The airline might even prepare a cake if the kid is traveling on their birthday.
  • For kids traveling alone, Emirates provides individual check-in facilities on departure, with staff dedicated to accompanying them to the aircraft. Parents or guardians must present the kid for check-in at least two hours before departure.
  • Unaccompanied Minors are always boarded before other passengers so that the cabin crew can seat them properly.
  • Upon particular request, Emirates will take Polaroid photographs of your kid on board the aircraft, as time permits.
  • On arrival, an Emirates employee will meet all unaccompanied minors at the aircraft exit and help them through courtesies before handing them over to their entrusted guardian.


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