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Christmas is celebrated on 25th of December and it is a sacred religious holiday in every country. The birth of Jesus, a spiritual leader whose teachings served as the foundation of Christianity, is commemorated by Christians on Christmas Day. 

Around the world, the middle of winter has long been a time for celebration. Hundreds of years before the appearance of the man called Jesus, early Europeans praised light and birth in the most obscure long periods of winter.

Easter was the primary holiday during the early years of Christianity; the introduction of Jesus was not celebrated. Church officials decided to celebrate Jesus’ birth as a holiday in the fourth century. Each country has its own traditions and ways of celebration when it comes to Christmas.

The holidays are all about spending time with your friends and family, cooking together, and decorating your house and Christmas tree with lights and garlands. Some people like to stay at home during the Christmas holidays while some like to travel around the world. Here are some best places to travel for Christmas this year. 

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Christmas in New York is a month-long celebration and hence is one of the best places to celebrate Christmas. From shopping to partying, you can do so many things in this city during this time of the year. In New York, Christmas celebrations begin right after Thanksgiving. People begin decorating their homes, shop owners start decorating their shops and many stores start the Christmas sale. Shopping stores on Fifth Avenue attract lots of customers every year with their attractive offers and sparkly displays. Radio City Rockettes is a must-visit place in New York (click here to read more) at this time of the year. You can even go to Breads Bakery which makes incredibly delicious baked goods throughout the year and offers so many Christmas special chocolates and pastries.

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In London, Christmas is one of the main festival and is celebrated with great enjoyment. It is a twinkling sensation during this season, from its skyline to its famous landmarks. People start buying gifts for their friends and family from the beginning of the month. They also buy Christmas trees and everyone in the family gets together to decorate those trees. Streets, city attractions, shops and houses are decorated with lights, bells, Christmas wreaths and garlands. Oxford Street in London is famous for its Christmas lighting. With one of the best decorations, London is among the best places to celebrate Christmas. There are plenty of shops at Seven Dials lined with independent boutiques, vintage shops and traditional brands where you can easily get surprising festive offers. Also, you can enjoy Christmas festival produced by Raymond Gubbay Ltd. at the Barbican Centre. It showcases the King’s College Choir, Carols by Candlelight and Jingle Bell Christmas. 

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Each year Norway gives a tree to London which is showcased at Trafalgar Square at Christmas. Many stores begin Christmas sales for customers and hotels and restaurants start offering typical Norwegian Christmas dishes. As per their local tradition, people build miniature gingerbread houses in their homes and people also bake different types of Christmas cookies at their homes. Norwegians gather for a traditional meal and present opening on Christmas Eve (24 December). All in all, Christmas is celebrated for weeks in Norway and is a perfect place to celebrate Christmas.

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There are lots of fun activities and lots of lighting that you can enjoy during Christmas in Switzerland. Also, Zurich has some famous and wonderful markets which are perfect for Christmas shopping. Most of the Christmas preparations begin from 24th November and lasts till New Year celebration. Santa traditionally visits Switzerland on 6th December and not 24th December and brings lots of chocolates, peanuts, and mandarins with him. Switzerland is the world’s best place to celebrate Christmas.  Every Swiss family bakes different kinds of cookies and gift them nicely to their loved ones. Beetroot lanterns, also known as Räbeliechtli are made and parades are held throughout Switzerland. Advent marks the beginning of Christmas preparations. Different houses decorate an ‘Advent Window’ in some villages as a ‘real’ advent calendar. When it’s your house with the advent window, you hold an evening party for the villagers in which lots of food and mulled wine are offered.

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Christmas celebration in Hong Kong starts from 18th November and this celebration lasts till 2nd January. Various events such as concerts and Christmas parades with Disney characters are hosted at this time of the year. Holiday cheer, glittering ornaments, sparkling lights, fluffy snow, and holiday wreaths fill the park as a whole. In addition, red, green, and gold shiny bows, balls, and garlands, as well as cheery candy canes and Santa hats, adorn every nook and cranny of this magical world to make it even more joyful. Naturally, there is the magnificent Christmas Tree that welcomes visitors to Main Street, and the buildings that flank it are also beautifully decorated. Typically, daily parades and fests with Mickey, Minnie, and the gang dressed in holiday attire, singing carols, and partying with the crowds are part of the holiday festivities. Disneyland is the best place to celebrate Christmas with kids. 

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Lapland is the northernmost region in Finland and is popularly known for its ski resorts and vast subarctic wilderness. Lapland is fortunate to be home to the Midnight Sun and the Northern Lights, two of the world’s most incredible natural phenomena, thanks to its location mostly within the Arctic Circle. The city has beautiful scenes of Christmas, like a happy local wearing red and white walking down the street with his reindeer sleigh. He is the resident of the city with the most admiration, and you can see him recreate Christmas Day for everyone. Santa Park is a fun place with a lot of activities, especially for kids, in the city center. November and December are the best months to visit Lapland as you can enjoy the snowy Christmas with lots of fun activities.

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Amsterdam is popularly known for its artistic heritage, museums, narrow houses with gabled facades and elaborated canal system. It is a dream to spend Christmas in Amsterdam! Narrow lanes are illuminated by the glow of festive holiday lights, and the scent of freshly baked treats fills the air. There is an undeniable sense of cheeriness felt throughout the city of Amsterdam, as decorated trees can be found in nearly every neighborhood. The city is full of activities! There is a long list of places to visit in Amsterdam in December, including numerous museums and traditional, cozy “brown pubs”. Savory and filling, Amsterdam cuisine is the ideal winter comfort food. If you go to Amsterdam in December, you have to eat the local, filling food.

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This is an excellent destination at any time of year due to its magnificent museums, classical music scene, imperial architecture, and abundance of cafes. However, visit Vienna at Christmas, and you will observe that it is changed into a shining, merry wonderland, and one that is well and really just getting started. Vienna is a magical, glittering slice of ultra-European fairytale heaven. With the festive lights, they really ramp up the magic in the winter. Children have unrealistic expectations of the holiday season, which is why you should prepare to get drunk next to a display of Christmas lights that looks like it was taken from Pinterest and is right next to a tree. And yes, do not leave this place without visiting the famous cafes and trying their authentic Vienna coffee and look for the delicious local delicacies too.

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When it comes to Christmas customs, Copenhagen is in some ways very traditional. During December in the city you’ll see copenhageners towing Christmas trees on their bicycles, light-clad kayaks rowing about the trenches and bunches of individuals holding up in line at niche stores to bring back the most delectable of Christmas treats. You can stroll through the city’s beautifully decorated streets and harbor, take in some traditional holiday fare at Tivoli Gardens, or check out the well-known Copenhagen Christmas markets. Plus, a great deal more! In Denmark, both children and adults celebrate a lot during the entire month of December. 

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