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Best places to celebrate Thanksgiving Day

Get your Flight tickets to your favorite  destination to celebrate Thanksgiving Day with amazing discounts. So, travel to be honor the heroes.

Know about Thanksgiving Day ....

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. It is mostly celebrated in North American countries. It is celebrated as the harvest festival. It is the busiest American holiday as people travel back to their homes to spend the rest of the day with their family members. People enjoy this day by playing games and cooking the evening meal together and later thanking for everything that they have. This year it will be celebrated on 24th of November.

Where to go on Thanksgiving Day?

Thanksgiving holiday is a very busy time of the year to travel to some great places. You can get the cheapest air tickets for the Thanksgiving trip here! You can visit your nearest destination to enjoy the holiday and a long weekend. Here are our top picks to celebrate the holiday.

1. Lake Placid, New York

Lake Placid is a perfect spot to enjoy the holiday. You can go fishing, hiking, biking and camping in that area or can visit the Lake Placid Olympic Museum. Also, you can become a part of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade which happens annually in New York City. Book your tickets now to witness this idle and peaceful place.

2. Portsmouth, New Hampshire

This place is famous for Strawberry Banke Museum which covers American history and is 300 years old. Also, look out for the history of this seaport and visit the local boutiques. Hackleboro Orchards offers you a great spot if you want to go on apple picking. Book your tickets now to know more about American history.

3. Santa Barbara, California

It is a stunning destination with a great picturesque view. It has everything that you need to spend the holiday in some romantic way – beaches, mountains, vineyards. Book your tickets now.

4. Killington, Vermont

It is America’s most gorgeous fall foliage. This place is covered with trees in all bright and fiery shades of red, yellow and orange. You can also participate in Turkey Trot and can also try the Chocolate Espresso Bread Pudding Muffins at Sunup Bakery. Book your cheap air tickets to Vermont now to experience the most beautiful fall.

5. Winterest, Iowa

It is the covered bridge capital of Iowa. The Quilt Museum is a top pick for visitors. This place is the birthplace of John Wayne and has the world’s only museum dedicated to him.

6. Estes Park, Colorado

Colorado is famous for its Rocky Mountain National Park which is a must-visit place during the falls. It offers you various activities such as fishing, aerial tramway, hiking and wildlife sanctuary tours.

7. Arlington, Texas

AT&T stadium hosts Cowboys football, especially in the month of November which is the loudest game of the season. People in the audience come wearing costumes and support the players.

8. Gatlinburg, Tennessee

It is a perfect destination to celebrate the Thanksgiving weekend near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. You can enjoy horse riding and go hiking to waterfalls or witness the aerial way of Ober Gatlinburg. Also, this place has some great wineries, breweries and distilleries.

What to eat on Thanksgiving Day?

Get your Flight tickets to your favorite  destination to celebrate Thanksgiving Day with amazing discounts. So, travel to be honor the heroes.

1. Roasted Turkey

It is the most popular thanksgiving dish in America. It is cooked using fresh herbs, lemon and many other ingredients to give it the most authentic flavor.

2. Mashed Potatoes

Thanksgiving meal is considered incomplete without mashed potatoes. It’s a simple yet classic way to enjoy the holiday. You can add your own flavors to it.

3. Cranberry sauce

It is a classic Thanksgiving food that can be used used to roast and stuff the turkey or you can enjoy it as a wonderful side dish also.

4. Apple Pie

It is a classic American dessert that can be savored anytime. It can be garnished with some cinnamon and cranberries and is served warm with some vanilla ice cream on top of it.

5. Pecan Pie

Another dessert that is considered a part of a classic thanksgiving meal is the Pecan Pie. It is generally baked with nuts, butter, molasses, sugar and other sweet ingredients but yet some regions have their own Pecan Pie variations.

6. Baked Potatoes

These are not the most common thanksgiving food but still are very popular. They can be baked with some butter, salt and pepper but other toppings can also be added such as cheese, bacon, herbs and spices

7. Mac and Cheese

It is a classic all-American favorite food. It originated in Southern America but became so popular that every American can call it their favorite food. Thanksgiving meal is incomplete without Mac and Cheese on the table. With so many non-vegetarian options on the table, you should have at least a vegetarian option also.

8. Pumpkin Pie

In 1796, American Cookery recognized this as one of the official dishes of the American Thanksgiving holiday. The spicy flavor of pumpkin and vanilla bean together create a delicious creamy pie.

9. Butternut Squash Soup

This soup is a traditional fall soup that best compliments the Thanksgiving meal. This freshly prepared soup can be best enjoyed with rolls. It is mostly prepared with veggie broth, maple syrup, butternut squash and some spices.

What to do on Thanksgiving Day?

Besides cooking the Thanksgiving meal, here are various activities that you can do to enjoy the holiday.
  1. Take a drive back to your hometown.
  2. Watch a sports match together
  3. Play some fun games
  4. Plan kid-friendly craft games.
  5. A family photoshoot is a great way to complete this day.
  6. Decorate your house and garden together in some traditional way.
  7. Lit up a Bonfire with some after-meal drinks.
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