Best Halloween Travel Destinations In 2023

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The time of year has come back when things go all spooky and you can only think about candy and pumpkins. Yes, that’s right. It’s Halloween season. We’re pretty much aware of Halloween traditions and love to go to various parties with our spooky costumes. But this year, pack your costumes in your travel bags because we are taking you to some of the best Halloween travel destinations. Visit to see more cheap flights to Halloween.

But the journey is not for faint-hearted people, so be ready for the ultimate adrenaline rush and excitement. If you’re a horror movie enthusiast looking for a hair-raising experience, why not visit the actual locations where some of your favorite terrifying films were shot? In this blog, we’ll guide you on a chilling tour of the best horror movie filming locations to visit on Halloween this year.

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1. Estes Park, Colorado

This location is very famous as it was an inspiration to Stephen King for “The Shining”. It is one of the best Halloween travel destinations to visit this year and the least scary one. The Stanley Hotel is a must-visit hotel if you’re in Estes Park during Halloween. It is one of the top 10 haunted hotels in the United States. Various Halloween-themed events, balls, and parties are organized to celebrate the scary vibes of this place. Visit this place to experience the fun in the spookiest way, with live music, stilt walkers, aerialists, the Bloody Mary Bar, and every other circus entertainment. The restaurants and cafes all over Estes Park offer a variety of Halloween-themed cocktails and cuisines that look eerie but taste amazing.

Some of the best Halloween events in Estes Park – 

  • Halloween at The Stanley with Magician E.R. Perkins – 27 Oct to 31 Oct
    Venue: Aiden Sinclair’s Underground, 333 E Wonder view Ave, Estes Park, Colorado, US
    Grab your seats for $40 from 6PM to 8:30PM to see the greatest magicians performing their mysterious magic tricks. The show is for 12+ years only.
  • The Shining Ball, Stanley Hotel – 21 Oct
    Venue: 333 E Wonder view Ave, Estes Park, Colorado, US
    It is the most awaited Halloween event of the year. Visit the Stanley Hotel between 8-11 PM to enjoy lots of music and Halloween festivities.
  • Chili Cookoff – 21 Oct, 5:30 to 8:30 PM.
    Venue: The Old Gallery, 14863 CO-7, Allenspark, Colorado, US
    Be ready with your favorite chili recipe on 21st Oct to join the fun contest at The Old Gallery.
  • Halloween Costume Party and Open Mic Night – 6:30 to 9:00 PM, 28 Oct
    Venue: The Old Gallery, 14863 CO-7, Allenspark, Colorado, US
    Get ready to visit The Old Gallery again, but this time with your Halloween costumes and spooky makeup. They welcome all amateur as well as professional performers to share their skills with the wild audience.
  • Halloween Spooktacular Celebration – 28 Oct to 29 Oct
    Venue: Bear & Bee | Maker’s Studio & Boutique, 541 Big Thompson Ave #201, Estes Park, Colorado, US
    It is a perfect family-friendly spooky place for everyone to enjoy with lots of costumes, games, crafts, treats and prizes.

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cheap flights for Halloween
The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado (Image Source: Wikipedia)

2. Blairstown, New Jersey

‘Friday the 13th’ is one such horror movie that everyone has watched. With a little bit of spookiness and thrill at every moment, this movie is one of the best works of Jason Voorhees. A tour of those abandoned camps and the eerie woods will be one of the best things to do in Blairstown. New Jersey in Halloween is a great celebration for people of all age groups. There are so many adult only parties, pumpkin carving contests for teens, kids parties and family parades to be a part of. New Jersey is one of the best Halloween travel destinations.

Some of the best Halloween events in New Jersey – 

  • Masquerade Murder Mystery Dinner – 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM, 31 Oct
    Venue: Mathis House a Victorian Bed & Breakfast and Tea Room, 600 Main St, Toms River, NJ, United States
    With the best of your costumes, silk dresses, feather-based coats, and amazing masks, enjoy this masquerade ball and party with a Halloween-themed dinner and sparkling wines and drinks.
  • Emo Orchestra – 8:00 PM, 14 Oct
    Venue: Ovation Hall, 500 Broadwalk, Atlantic City, NJ, United States
    Featuring Hawthorne Heights, experience an amazing night with the Emo hits.
  • New Brunswick City Halloween Celebration – 1:00 – 3:00 PM, 29 Oct
    Venue: New Brunswick City Hall, 78 Bayard St, New Brunswick, NJ, United States
    New Brunswick is back with the annual candy giveaway; it’s a perfect place to enjoy with kids and be with your family, with everyone in their best Halloween costumes.
  • Halloween Party With Mama D & The Vexations – 7:30 PM – 10:30 PM, 28 Oct
    Venue: The Laundromat, 4 Dehart St, Morristown, NJ, United States
    This grand annual Halloween party of Morristown is totally not to miss if you’re in New Jersey. Steal some moments from your haunting evening this Halloween weekend to be a part of this amazing scary party.
  • Rumson Halloween Parade – 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM, 22 Oct
    Venue: Riverside Park, 34 Riverside Dr, Rumson, NJ, United States

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cheap flights for Halloween
Halloween Celebration, New Jersey

3. Amityville, New York

Festival and New York are just a perfect combination to spend an entire day in this huge city, and definitely one of the best Halloween travel destinations. But rather than visiting the Statue of Liberty, let’s go to some haunted place this time. The ‘Amityville Horror’ series was inspired by an iconic Dutch Colonial-style house in Amityville, New York. This place is just as classic on Halloween as is in the movie. Other than this, you can enjoy various Halloween parties, DJs, music nights, spooky parades, etc, in New York. Most of the events start from 20th Oct, so prepare your costumes accordingly!

Some of the best Halloween events in New York 

  • Thriller Halloween Yacht Party – 10:30 PM to 2:30 AM, 28 Oct
    Venue: Skyport Marina, NY
    Prepare your favorite Halloween costume for New York’s hottest party boat, Avalon Yacht. And do not forget to bring your IDs as this party is only for 21+. Enjoy the night with lots of music and drinks.
  • Vampire Voyage Halloween Weekend Yacht Cruise – 11 PM to 3 AM, 27 Oct
    Venue: Skyport Marina, NY
    Cruise parties are famous throughout the year in New York. But the Halloween cruise parties are something worth enjoying. With 2 floors of complete spooky fun and thrilling entertainment in Cabana Yacht, it will make your Halloween weekend worth remembering. Experience the open-air deck with the city’s top DJ, valid only for 21+(IDs recommended).
  • New York’s 50th Annual Village Halloween Parade – 7:00 PM to 11:30 PM, 31st Oct
    Venue: 6th Avenue between Canal Street and 16th Street, Greenwich Village, New York City, NY
    With various activities like parade, dancing, donating, watching, and walking, the annual Halloween parade is back, celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. So be ready to be a part of this amazing spooky adventure.
  • Twilight Harbor with Dimitri Vegas Like Mike – 7:00 PM to 4:00 AM, 28 Oct
    Venue: Brooklyn Navy Yard, Building 77, 141 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, NY
    Experience a night full of electronic music with Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike’s DJ journey.
  • The Villains’ Ball ft. Brandi Cyrus x Nathan Leong – 10 PM to 4 AM, 27 Oct
    Venue: Somewhere Nowhere NYC Lounge, 112 W 25th St, New York
    In an amazing club like Somewhere Nowhere with club, lounge and rooftop, Brandi Cyrus and Nathan Leong are all prepared to set an amazing night for their audience. Book your tickets and tables now to avoid the last-minute hassle.

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cheap flights for Halloween
Halloween Parades, New York

4. Harrisville, Rhode Island

The birthplace of one of the scariest movie series is this place in Harrisville. It is the place where real-life paranormal activities took place that inspired the director of ‘The Conjuring’. The farmhouse is beautiful by day, but scariest as the sun goes down. This farmhouse is recommended only if you’re going on a guided tour. Other than this there are so many different events that goes on during Halloween in Rhode Island, as it is one of the best Halloween travel destinations.

Some of the best Halloween events in Rhode Island 

  • Annual Halloween Party – 6:00 PM to 11:30 PM, 21 Oct
    Venue: Preserve Sporting Club & Residences, Richmond, RI, United States
    Enjoy a perfect thrilling evening with spooky events at The Preserve Sporting Club’s Annual Halloween Party. The most awaited annual party in Richmond is back with a special prize for the most innovative costume. The prize includes dinner for 2, a couple massage, and the Hobbit House’s magical dining experience for 4.
  • Children’s Halloween Party – 11 AM – 12 PM, 29 Oct
    Venue: 1 East Ferry Wharf Unit 1, Jamestown, RI, United States
    A perfect Halloween party for kids with costume contests, treats, Halloween music and many other special events. Organized by Coastal Queen, the boat will cruise across Narragansett Bay and into Newport Harbor.
  • Kulture Saturday Halloween Party – 10 PM, 28 Oct
    Venue: Kulture, 71 Richmond St, Providence, RI, United States
    This amazing spooky party had its tickets completely sold out for the last 2 years. So to avoid the delay so you can enjoy the party without any last-minute reservations, book your tickets now.
  • Wicked Walk Treat-or-Treat Experience – 28 Oct
    Venue: Michael S. Van Leesten Memorial Bridge, S Water at James, Providence, RI, United States
    To provide a safe and healthy environment for kids and families to get the best trick-or-treat experience, the Annual Wicked Walk is going to be organized this year too.
  • Haunted Speakeasy – 9:00 PM to 2:00 AM, 28 Oct
    Venue: Fete Music Hall, 103 Dike St, Providence, RI, United States
    Apart from the usual Halloween parties, spooky cruise experiences, and dinners, experience the night full of haunting in Fete Music Hall’s Speakeasy. With 1920s Halloween-themed costumes, visit this place with your friends or partner and indulge in the haunting spirits and prohibition-era cocktails.

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cheap flights for Halloween
Halloween Celebration, Rhode Island

5. Washington, D.C.

There are so many Hollywood movies that are shot in Washington. But ‘The Exorcist’ is one of the horror movies for which you can relate to the city the most. This classic Hollywood horror movie has an audience that truly believes in the incidents that took place. Visit these steep stone steps that played a major role in this movie. Throughout the year Washington remains one of the most visited places in the United States and even during this spooky season it holds it position to be people’s favorite. It is one of the  best Halloween travel destinations.

Some of the best Halloween events in Washington D.C. 

  • Seattle Halloween Haunted Hotel Rooftop Party – 9:00 PM to 2:00 AM, 28 Oct
    Venue: Embassy Suites by Hilton Seattle Downtown Pioneer Square, 255 S King St, Seattle, WA, United States
    Seattle’s Nightlife scene is back this year with some amazing spooky Halloween-themed parties.
  • Halloween Depravities – 4:00 PM, 28 Oct
    Venue: Penumbra Productions, 5072 WA-303 Suite 102b, Bremerton, WA, United States
    Check out this crazy Halloween event in Bremerton.
  • Seattle Official Halloween Bar Crawl – 4:00 PM – 11:00 PM, 28 Oct
    Venue: Kells Irish Restaurant & Pub, 1916 Post Alley, Seattle, WA, United States
    It is one of the most exciting Halloween events in Seattle, where you can enjoy three amazing evenings on the 21st, 27th, and 28th October that too just by paying once. This place will be full of drinks and a haunting atmosphere.
  • Halloween Carnival – 6 PM – 11 PM, 21 Oct
    Venue: Edison Square, 5415 S Tacoma Way, Tacoma, WA, United States
    Who doesn’t love Halloween carnivals? But this 18+ event is totally different from the rest of the carnivals. Various models, giving live performances will be there along with runway shows and costume contests.
  • Strangest Things: 80s Halloween Party – 8:30 PM, 31 Oct
    Venue: Madame Lous, 2505 1st Ave, Seattle, WA, United States
    Enjoy the 80s Dance Music with All4Doras and come here as your favorite Stranger Things character to win amazing prizes.
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cheap flights for Halloween
Halloween Events, Washington

6. Seneca Creek State Park, Maryland

To induce some more horror and witch trials in your Halloween travel plan, here we are with one more location. The spooky woods, dense forests, and unsettling isolation of Seneca Creek State Park are worth visiting, as this place has inspired Daniel Myrick to write a story based on supernatural characters and witches for the movie ‘The Blair Witch Project’. Maryland offers you some of the best ghost tours and Halloween parties that you would love to enjoy. Delicious spooky food, themed cocktails and drinks, live music and entertainment, unlimited games, and partying all night.

Some of the best Halloween events in Maryland 

  • The Baltimore Halloween Party – 8:00 PM, 28 Oct
    Venue: Maryland Science Center, 601 Light St, Baltimore, MD, United States
    This 21+ Halloween party at DMV’s dance floor has an amazing lineup of dances that will keep you engaged throughout the night. A perfect place to enjoy and dance, with just a $55 General Admission ticket and a $99 VIP pass.
  • Seacrets Halloween Show – 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, 28 Oct
    Not all Halloween events are supposed to happen at night, some events should better be enjoyed in the day, just like this Seacrets Halloween Show. Perfect to with your kids to have a wonderful family time, this Halloween.
  • Halloween Hangout – 5:30 PM, 31 Oct
    Venue: Franciscan Center, 101 W 23rd St, Baltimore, MD, United States
    Baltimore’s Halloween Hangout is a perfect way for children to enjoy the festival with candies, games, contests, and pumpkins. Specially organized for children, this hangout event has everything for your kids that they would love to do. Get a chance to win amazing prizes in various contests.
  • Halloween Night @ FELT MGM – 10:00 PM to 3:00 AM, 31 Oct
    Venue: MGM National Harbor Hotel & Casino, 101 MGM National Ave, Oxon Hill, MD, United States
    This Halloween party is only for 21+. Get your tickets for $50 and plan out your spooky Halloween costume to enjoy this grand haunting celebration.
  • Fright Night Halloween Party – 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM, 28 Oct
    Venue: Baltimore’s favorite Fright Night is back with amazing Halloween experience.
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cheap flights for Halloween
Trick or Treat, Maryland
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