World’s Most Unique Places That Are Breathtaking

Unique destinations to travel

Nature has given us some hidden natural wonders that were formed millions of years ago. Some of these places are hard to discover, and that’s why they’ve gained the label of the world’s most surreal places. Once you visit these places, you might think that you’ve come to another magical world. So plan your next trip with us to the world’s most unique places that are breathtakingly beautiful and amazing. Get amazing travel deals on solo travel and group bookings.

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1. White Desert, Egypt

world's most unique places
White Desert, Egypt

We all might know Egypt for its sandy deserts and centuries-old pyramids, but only a few of us know that it offers one of the world’s most unique placestoo. This place looks completely out of the world, as it has white sand and rock formations spread across a wide area. This place also offers various adventure activities like mountain biking, kayaking, sandboarding, and gorgeous stargazing.

2. Lake Natron, Tanzania

Lake Natron in Tanzania is among the deadliest lakes on earth. This lake is highly alkaline, which makes its surroundings incredibly inhospitable. This place is among the world’s most unique places and is hauntingly beautiful. The lake has animals that are turned into stone, and the pH level of the water is so high that it can even burn your skin. 

Kilimanjaro International Airport is the nearest airport to Lake Natron. 

world's most unique places
Lake Natron, Tanzania

3. Bryce Canyon, USA

world's most unique places
Bryce Canyon, Utah

Bryce Canyon has the largest collection of red rocks and pink cliffs which makes it one of the world’s most unique places. This place has world-famous hoodoos and an exceptional geography which is worth watching. You can witness one of the greatest night skies in this national park. 

There are three main airports nearer to Bryce Canyon in Utah. 

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4. Waitomo Glowworm Caves, New Zealand

Waitomo Caves are near Auckland and they are a wonderful system of sinkholes and subterranean caves. The glowworms scattered across the ceiling, dangling from the stalactites and shining brightly, are the main highlight of these caves. When you walk inside these caves, it appears as if you’re walking in some magical place that will take you to some unknown world. This is indeed one of the world’s most unique places and is worth visiting once in a lifetime. This place also offers ziplining for tourists. 

world's most unique places
Waitomo Glowworm Caves, New Zealand

5. Ta Prohm Temple, Angkor

world's most unique places
Ta Prohm Temple, Angkor

Angkor Wat in Cambodia has so many must-see wonders and is one of the world’s most unique places. This temple was built 900 years ago and is believed to be the inspiration behind the famous Tomb Raider. Large numbers of the sanctuaries around Angkor have been cleared, yet Ta Prohm remains a stronghold for legitimate requests. It is an experience that demonstrates both the eternal power of the jungle and the architectural genius of the Khmers. You can also find many inscriptions in their original form at this place.

6. Svartifoss, Iceland

The Svartifoss is a sight not to be missed because it has a waterfall and fascinating basalt columns. Due to the burned lava that stands out like an enormous organ behind the white veil, the falls’ name translates to “black falls”, and it is indeed one of the world’s most unique places. This waterfall has the most unique backdrop with hexagonal columns and is the inspiration for the architecture of Hallgrimskirkja Church in Reykjavik.

Svartifoss, Iceland
Svartifoss, Iceland

7. Danakali Depression, Ethiopia

Danakali Depression, Ethiopia
Danakali Depression, Ethiopia

Danakali Depression is the hottest place on earth and it is located in the northern region of the Afar Triangle in Ethiopia. This beautifully unique landscape is created by the continental drift that happened millions of years ago. The temperature can reach up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit, making it dangerous for sustenance. Yet this place offers beautiful lava lakes, acidic springs, and mini volcanoes for tourists. You can even go on a hike on Erta Ale and swim in one of the hot springs in the region. 

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8. Underwater Waterfall, Mauritius

This underwater waterfall is the most unique waterfall in the world. In the Indian Sea, the cascade tumbles down a profound chasm into the profound, perpetual blue simply off the edge of the rich island. The 2.5-mile drop would make it the tallest cascade on the planet. In any case, the appearance of the cascade is framed by the mix of sand and residue that runs along the island’s sea rack. Visit this world’s most unique place and enjoy several water sports and activities in Mauritius.

Underwater waterfall, Mauritius
Underwater waterfall, Mauritius

9. Cenotes of the Yucatan, Mexico

Cenotes of the Yucatan, Mexico
Cenotes of the Yucatan, Mexico

You will get the world’s greatest diving experience in the Yucatan Peninsula which has a beautiful collection of cenotes. This underground swimming hole is filled with fresh water and has a rich variety of marine life and fauna. Cenotes are one of nature’s most beautiful and unique creations, and each has its own personality that makes them different from one another.

10. Meteora, Greece

This biggest archeological site in Greece is an assortment of exceptionally old monasteries which are encircled by stone monuments. The Meteora cliff was bound to be viewed as a place of the Divine. This place is remote, tranquil, and one of the world’s most unique places. The monasteries were built on massive sandstone cliffs that had been carved by wind and rain for thousands of years. Some stand as high as 1,500ft over the valley floor with priests requiring stepping stools and ropes to arrive at their consecrated retreat.

Meteora, Greece
Meteora, Greece
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