Christmas & New Year in Switzerland

places to visit on christmas in Switzerland

When you hear about taking a holiday in Switzerland, doesn’t your mind race with excitement? Though it is one of the most beautiful places in the world all year round, the landscape takes on a completely other feel during Christmas. You are drawn into its charm by the old towns, snow-capped mountains, evergreen springs, and fairy light decorations. There are a ton of activities to do in Switzerland around the holidays and New Year’s. Here are so many things to do on Christmas and New Year in Switzerland. Visit CheapairticketUSA to book cheap flights to Switzerland and get amazing offers on Switzerland tour package for couples

Switzerland christmas

Christmas in Switzerland

Christmas Markets: The fragrance of mulled wine and roasted chestnuts fills Swiss villages and towns as they come alive with Christmas markets. The marketplaces are decorated with dazzling lights and festive décor. The charming Christmas markets of Basel, Geneva, and Zurich are well known.

Winter Wonderland: During the Christmas season, the snow-covered landscapes of Switzerland transform into a magical place. With chances for skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports, the Swiss Alps are particularly breathtaking.

Swiss Traditions: Experience Swiss Christmas traditions, such as the lighting of Advent candles, decorating Christmas trees, and enjoying festive meals with family and friends. Discover the customs of the Swiss people during the holiday season, like setting the Advent candles, decking the trees, and sharing joyous dinners with loved ones. Swiss traditions are something that tourists love to enjoy here and hence it is among their favorite things to do on Christmas and New Year in Switzerland.

Culinary Delights: Savour the culinary delights of Switzerland, including fondue, gingerbread Lebkuchen, and spicy biscuits Basler Läckerli. Special Christmas menus are also served in several establishments.

Christmas Eve: In Switzerland, Christmas Eve is often celebrated with a festive dinner, followed by the exchange of gifts. Some regions attend midnight Mass to mark the occasion.

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New Year in Switzerland

New Year’s Eve Parties: events on New Year’s Eve: Swiss cities throw exciting events on New Year’s Eve with street parties, music, and fireworks. Big cities like Lucerne, Geneva, and Zurich are well-known for their colorful celebrations.

Fireworks: In Switzerland, New Year’s Eve fireworks are a major celebration. Public fireworks displays are hosted by numerous towns and cities, producing an amazing display against the backdrop of the snow-covered countryside.

Traditional Customs: Countless locations of Switzerland have distinctive traditions for ringing in the New Year. For instance, people may join in parades, wear masks, and dress up in costumes in some places.

Alpine Retreats: The custom of “first-footing” is upheld in many Swiss communities. This entails bringing good fortune for the upcoming year by becoming the first person inside a house after midnight. Alpine Retreats are among the top things to do on Christmas and New Year in Switzerland

First-Footing: The custom of “first-footing” is upheld in many Swiss communities. This entails bringing good fortune for the upcoming year by becoming the first person inside a house after midnight.

Switzerland provides a wide array of possibilities to make your Christmas and New Year unforgettable, whether you’re looking for the hustle and bustle of the city’s celebrations or a tranquil getaway in the mountains.

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Switzerland christmas

Talking about destinations to visit in Switzerland and not mentioning St. Moritz will be unfair, as this place has so much to give you. The place has also been the centre of the Winter Olympics not just once but twice. You can also try and enjoy skiing as well as snowboarding, as St. Moritz will provide you world class skiing experience.If your dreamy vacation deals with snow, live your fairytale-styled white Christmas in the Swiss Alps. Enough of travelling and exploring now. Thinking of something to reside inside your stomach, get some awesome taste bud jerks, by trying Fondue, Rosti, Tartiflette etc.

Lastly, Switzerland can offer you so much this winter and you will never forget the trip for sure. One can easily have a check upon the best flight deals to get the cheapest flights ever.

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