Economy Class

Economy Class Travel

Economy Class is considered as the cheapest and the least comfortable type of class on an aircraft. It is also called third class or coach class and is preferred by those passengers who want budget-friendly short-route travel. You can find economy class seats in rail travel, air travel as well as in maritime/sea travel. Through economy class, you can travel anywhere in the cheapest possible way. 

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Facilities Provided in Economy Class Travel

  • Usually, the economy class seats are comfortable for short-route travel. These seats can recline and have a fold-down table.
  • For economy seats for international travel, the seat pitch ranges from 28 to 36 inches.
  • Every airline provides a pocket in front of the seat which contains items like an airsickness bag, an inflight magazine, a duty-free catalogue and a safety and evacuation card. 
  • There are some airlines which provides some extras like a basic amenity bag (containing ear plugs, toothpaste, eye mask), blanket and headphones.
  • In-flight entertainment services are usually provided by every airline, individual screens are embedded in every seat where passengers can select the language and video/movie of their choice.
  • Every airline has its own economy class travel guidelines and services. For example, some low-cost carriers charge a fee for headphones, and even meal services are provided by some airlines. 
  • Aeroflot, Cathay Pacific and Qantas Airline offers meals and in-flight audio and video on both international and selected route flights for free. But Transaero on the other hand may charge an additional fee for the in-flight entertainment.
  • Many airlines do not provide meal services for short-duration flights and are only provided for long-duration international flights. Airlines such as EasyJet and Ryanair charge fees for food and drinks. 
  • Airlines within United States and Canada make economy passengers pay for airport check-in, pillows, checked bags, headphones and blankets.
  • Some airlines try to provide better Economy Class seat facilities than the other airlines. For example, United Airlines provides a slightly larger pitch between seats making the seating area more comfortable and providing more room for keeping amenities.

Best Economy Class Airlines

Here is a list of Best Economy Class Airlines and the services provided by them which will help you plan your next budget-friendly yet comfortable trip. 

  • Emirates – Emirates is the World’s Best Economy Class Airline and provided the best services in terms of friendly staff, comfortable seating, and in-flight services. You can always expect more in Emirate’s Economy Class as it has on-board free wi-fi, best multicourse regional cuisine on table and more than thousand channels to watch. You can enjoy your meal with an immersive 3D experience and a complimentary beverage. Complimentary amenity kits are provided on long flights which help you arrive feeling fresh. This reusable kit contains eyeshades, socks, a toothbrush and toothpaste, a bookmark, everything prepared from recyclable materials.

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  • Qatar Airways – It is one of the World’s Best Airline which has been continuously voted for its best service and premium quality. It has a generous baggage allowance of 66-99 pounds (30-45 kg) for its economy class passengers and they are permitted to bring one standard 15 pounds (7 kg) bag with them in cabin. The airways applies a weight or a piece concept for checked baggage depending on the flight route. Qatar Airways Economy Class seats are the widest and the most comfortable as compared to any other airline. It provides soft blanket, pillows and amenity kits for long-haul flights. Depending on the flight duration, complimentary snacks, meals, beverages are drinks are served. Charging points are embedded into the seats and personal screen with Oryx One entertainment system is accessible to each passenger.

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  • Singapore Airlines – The staff of Singapore Airlines welcome their passengers with a hot towel so that passengers can remain fresh throughout the flight journey. It provides you a choice of three tasty meals which are served with fine metal cutlery and always include sandwiches and muffins. This airline serves the best freshly-made chicken. The seats of economy class are 32-inch wide which makes passengers feel more comfortable. Singapore Airlines Economy Class fare also includes an ice-cold G&T, a glass of award-winning red, or a fruity Singapore sling on the flight. The amenity kit provided by the staff includes socks, toothpaste and a toothbrush. The entertainment system holds more than 1800 on-demand movies, TV shows, songs and games. Singapore Airlines makes the whole journey very much easy with their speedy mobile check-in and electronic boarding passes.

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  • Japan Airlines – It is one of the World’s Best Economy Class Airline featuring a stellar cabin experience. It provides the most satisfying experience to the passengers for both domestic as well as international flights. It offers wider legroom than any other economy class seats in the world and offers amazing cuisine and in-flight entertainment. The booking process is pretty easy making your journey stress-free. Health conscious people can even request for special dietary food. In-flight entertainment system MAGIC offers the latest blockbuster movies, videos, television series, music, e-books, and games.

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  • Qantas Airways – Qantas Airways Economy Class has refreshed cabin interiors and comfortable seats. The in-flight entertainment and dining options in economy class of Qantas Airways are totally free for the passengers and they don’t have to pay extra for it. Qantas Customer Service provides complimentary standard seat selection on Saver or Flex fares while ticket booking. Amenity kits are provided to each passenger that includes all essential travel products. The menu contains award-winning wines and the freshest seasonal ingredients for the passengers.

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