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Premium Economy Class Travel

Premium Economy Class is a travel class which is offered on some airlines. It is also called elite economy or economy plus class. If considered, there is not much difference between premium economy class and economy class as seat size and legroom available are almost the same, but the fare of premium economy is slightly more than the economy class. In terms of price, comfort and amenities, it is generally placed between standard economy class and business class. EVA Air first introduced the Premium Economy Class in 1991 which got famous by the name Evergreen Class (later renamed Elite Class). It is generally preferred by travelers who seek more comfort and is popular among the staff of any company or government department.

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Facilities Provided in Premium Economy Class Travel

    • Premium economy tickets are generally 65% cheaper than business class tickets but the service and comfort provided ensures that you remain relaxed throughout your journey.
    • In some airlines, seats are slightly wider than the economy class seats and also more legroom is provided for a comfortable journey.
    • Premium economy class seats can recline upto several inches. 
    • Some airlines provide comparatively fast check-in for premium economy class.
    • Many airlines provide a dedicated flight attendant.
    • Options on menu card for food, snacks and beverages including alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks increases as you upgrade from economy to premium economy passenger.
    • In-flight entertainment is still available but on relatively larger screens.

Best Premium Economy Class Airlines

Here is a list of Best Premium Economy Class Airlines and the services provided by them which will help you plan your next budget-friendly yet comfortable trip. 

  • Virgin Atlantic – Virgin Atlantic is World’s Best Premium Economy Class Airline. The seats are comparatively larger with a seat pitch of 38 inches and provide more legroom to give extra comfort to passengers. The seats can be reclined to 7-8 inches featuring adjustable headrests and footrests and each seat has universal power and USB outlets. Also, each seat is featured with an in-flight entertainment touchscreen. Screen sizes are quite different in different aircrafts – 13.3-inch screens on Airbus A350 aircraft and 10.5-inch screens on Airbus A330-300 aircraft. Even the cabins of Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy are massive and spacious – Airbus A350 with 56 premium economy seats, Airbus A330 with 48 premium economy seats and Boeing 787-9 with 35 premium economy seats. The airline serves a choice of water, orange juice or bubbly as a pre-departure drink to its passengers. Fresh meals are served to the passengers and variety of choices are offered in appetizers, snacks, meals and beverages and are served elegantly on dishes with metal cutlery. The airline also serves second meal before landing which could either be a classic English tea or a destination-inspired light meal. You can even enjoy the packaged sweets at the cabin’s Wander Wall. The flyers can check 2 bags upto 23 kgs (50 pounds) for free.
  • Singapore Airlines – Singapore Airline was rated World’s Best Premium Economy Class Airline at second position in 2022. Singapore Airlines’ Premium Economy Class seats are designed with greater width and contain calf rest and footrest for enhanced comfort. Also, these reclinable seats have two USB ports, a power supply and a fully adjustable reading light lamp. Meal menus are available by scanning the QR code and the airline offers a unique facility to reserve your main course from Premium Economy Book the Cook dishes upto 24 hours before your flight. 
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  • Qantas Airways – In 2022, Qantas Airways was rated the third-best airline in the world for premium economy classes. With dedicated check-in, priority boarding, well-designed seats with indulgent touches, a refreshed menu, and an extensive wine list, you’ll feel like you’re flying premium. Enjoy more comfort with spacious cabins and a dedicated cabin crew. Dreamliner B787 and A380 Premium Economy seats are specifically designed for long-haul flights. The seats are wider and provide more legroom along with unique recline motion to ensure maximum comfort to passengers. Enjoy your flight with a glass of complimentary sparkling wine, cocktail or juice as soon as you onboard. Self-serve bars are available on B787-9 and A380 aircraft to ease the passenger’s access to snacks and drinks. Experience the ultimate dining where you can order your food from a contemporary menu designed by Neil Perry. Tune into the latest movies, music or TV box with noise-canceling headphones.
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  • Emirates – Experience a higher level of comfort with luxury in the Emirates Premium Economy cabin on selected A380 aircraft. The wide cream leather seats give you the premium feeling of traveling. Passengers can select the food of their choice from the airline’s regional monthly menus which are served on Royal Doulton china tableware with stainless steel cutlery wrapped in linen. Our extended beverage list includes Chandon sparkling wine, extra vintages from our Business Class list, as well as chocolates and liqueurs. Emirates Premium Economy cabin features an upgraded inflight entertainment system with a 13.3-inch HD TV. Also, the A380 aircraft features a high-speed Wi-Fi service. 
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  • Lufthansa – Lufthansa Premium Economy cabins offer spacious and comfortable seats with 50% more room on all sides and feature a cocktail table in the armrest. Amenity kits are given to each passenger so that they feel refreshed throughout their journey. As you relax back in Lufthansa’s Premium Economy Seats, you can enjoy a comprehensive in-flight entertainment programme on a 11- or 12-inch monitors. A non-alcoholic welcome drink is served in the beginning as soon as you onboard. Choose your meals from the menu and enjoy it getting served on fine china tableware.

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